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Engineer Interiors & Season 2 Bundle Released!

I am pleased to announce the release of two new products on the UE4 Marketplace: Modular SciFi Engineer Interiors, and the Modular SciFi: Season 2 Starter Bundle!

The third entry in the Engineer themed collection, Interiors provides visually stunning high quality assets perfect for creating ambient, beautiful engineer-esque environments. A wide variety of meshes and wall designs creates endless possibilities, layer your surroundings with detailed meshes to create a sophisticated scenery.

Included are two example environments that demonstrate the effect distinctive lighting and post processing can have on the overall feel of your level. Two uniquely presented engineering environments, warm and cool - each giving off a different vibe to the surroundings.

Alongside the release of Engineer Interiors is the second installment in the bundle series, Modular SciFi: Season 2 Starter Bundle! This offer includes the first 3 entries in the Engineer Collection. A $200 dollar value, available for $149.99! Included is an exclusive example environment which connects all 3 of the products together.

With the Season 2 Starter Bundle, you will have all you need to create richly detailed engineer themed environments. The possibilities are endless!

Available for purchase on the UE4 Marketplace now!

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