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Need next gen modular assets to go with your MetaHuman characters? Look no further!


Modular Soldier: Jaeger Female is just the beginning of your customizable character asset library. With unprecedented control over materials, and a wide variety of modularity - create the perfect military or merc characters for your project!

Just like the Modular SciFi Series, each subsequent product will build upon the last giving you an ever expanding vault of customization.




Easy To Use

With 9 unique presets included, jump straight in and equip your character with styles ranging from hard scifi to grounded mil sim.

Switch between Jumpsuit, Armor and Full Attachments with the click of a button!

Physical Customization

Bloused or unbloused jumpsuit? Hydration tube for those desert environments? Need quick access to a combat knife for sticky situations, or access to fast mags for that quick reload? Entering a dark environment and need a shoulder mounted flashlight? How about two? Personalize your soldier with a wide array of armor, equipment and utility options!

Material Customization

Take advantage of an unprecedented level of material customization. Tweak numerous material parameters to put the fine touch on your assets design and give them unique identity. Modify elements such as wear and scratches, grime, dirt accumulation and more through custom masks. Use material ID masks to determine which layers correspond to what pieces of your armor or equipment. Includes optional decal layer with manufacturer branding.

Weapons & Equipment

Don't think modular armor is the extent of this new series - weapons and equipment will also be a focal point going forward. We start off with a few melee weapons including the combat knife and axe. Accompanying these are smoke and frag grenades, each with solo and sheathed/pouched variants.

And if you've already spotted the pistol holster, know that modular ballistic weapons will also be visited in the future. More on that later...




Easily Identifiable

The manufacturers system allows for a degree of organization with future packs. Think of them like styles. Gadara Industries for example is more grounded scifi. Though you can push harder scifi designs through the material instances, the armor, equipment and utilities have all been grounded in something that would not be too strange in the not too distant future.

As more MetaHuman asset packs are added, the manufacturer designation will be key in helping developers identify which assets are designed specifically to go with one another. That isn't to say you can't mix assets from different manufacturers however. Just that they were designed with the given style in mind. The first image in a product when viewed on the Unreal Engine Marketplace will incorporate the Manufacturer Logo.




Ready to start creating your army? The first entry in the Modular Soldier series awaits!




Check out the documentation section of the site to learn how to integrate Modular Soldier products in your projects.



Still undecided on whether to purchase? Presale question? Have a question that isn't covered in the documentation? Join the official Discord channel! I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.




  • Is the MetaHuman character in the photo included?
    No, the MetaHuman character (specifically the body/face) in the photos above are shown for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the pack. The armor, clothes, equipment, weapons etc. are included.
  • Which body types are currently supported?
    The first pack supports the Tall/Feminine/Normal body type.
  • What future body types will be supported?
    The next body type I will be working on will be the Tall/Masculine/Normal variant. That and the Tall/Feminine/Normal variant will be the main staples of the Modular Soldier series. Anything beyond that will depend on user feedback due to the amount of work involved. If there's a body type you want to see added, come join the Discord channel and make your feedback known!
  • What versions of Unreal Engine are supported?
    Currently 4.26 and 4.27 are the supported versions.
  • Can I use this outside of Unreal Engine?
    You can use the product outside of UE4, however as MetaHumans are strictly confined to the engine you won't be able to export them to any external project if you've integrated it with Modular Soldier. This product was designed to fit with a specific MetaHuman body type, however you could theoretically stick your own head/hands into the jumpsuit.
  • What's next in the Modular Soldier series?
    This is just the beginning of my character customization centric series. Follow me on Twitter and join the official Discord channel to see the latest work in progress and provide input on what you'd like to see next. These assets are being designed for you, the developer. If there's something you want to see, don't hesitate to mention it. I try my best to incorporate as much feedback as I can in my products!
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