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Majestic Fantasy Halls & Interiors Now Available!

I'm excited to announce the release of the first installment of the Majestic Fantasy series! Create beautiful, next gen scenes with these modular assets. Perfect for fantasy or modern based projects! Endless layout variations, and customization that is a staple of SE_JonF products.

This marks the first entry in this new Majestic Fantasy collection. Like the Modular Scifi collection, further expansion with a focus on connectivity and integration with each subsequent release will be the goal moving forward. Through prop focused packages, or thematic architectural/prop products - expanding your library of next gen, beautiful fantasy assets will be the focus of this series.

I am also pleased to announce that all subscribers up until now will be able to enjoy an exclusive $15 in savings when buying from gumroad. The discount code should be in your inbox before the end of day.

Be sure to subscribe to take advantage of future exclusive promotions!

Available for purchase on the UE4 marketplace now!

Check out more screenshots here!

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