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Season 1 Starter Bundle Released!

I'm excited to announce the major 2.0 update to the Modular SciFi Series Bundle. Introducing the Season 1 Starter Bundle! This update adds Modular SciFi: Command Center, Nature Materials: Ice and a newly updated example environment showcasing how to utilize all the products together. Existing owners of the Collection Bundle will receive the Season 1 Starter Bundle FREE OF CHARGE! To put that into perspective, if you bought the original bundle for $99 on Gumroad, you saved $110 in overall price! New purchasers will save $60 with the new price update. So what's included?

  • Modular SciFi: Hallways + expansions

  • Modular SciFi: Interios + expansion

  • Modular SciFi: Props I

  • Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals

  • Modular SciFi: Command Center

  • Nature Materials: Ice

  • Exclusive example environment utilizing all of the above packs

What is Season 1? Season 1 includes all of the scifi products prior to the Engineer themed assets. I've also thrown in the upcoming Nature Materials: Ice pack free of charge as well, which on it's own will be $29.99. Why do this update? I started doing content updates to show my appreciation for the support of my customers. This major update to the bundle not only allowed me to do that, it gave me a chance to show my thanks to the customers who supported my products on Gumroad as well. I bought your products on the UE4 marketplace. Why don't you do stuff like this there? If I had my way, I would. Were it up to me, each of my customers would receive a discount for every subsequent purchase they made. For example, bought Hallways? Your next purchase is 10% off. Unfortunately the UE4 marketplace doesn't have mechanisms in place to allow me to reward customers in the way I'd like to. (And not for lack of requests) Gumroad however does. Will there be more bundles? I do not have any plans for future bundles at this time, but anything is possible. For the latest news, exclusive content & discounts, subscribe for free using the link in the navigation. Check out screenshots for the Season 1 Starter Bundle Purchase Here!

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