Engineer Props Released!

June 14, 2017


I am pleased to announce the release of Engineer Props, the second entry in the Engineer Collection of the Modular SciFi Series!


Engineer Props expands the assets available for this collection theme, allowing developers the ability to populate their environments with highly customizable assets that bring the scenery to life. Continuing the series track record of up to 4 individually masked areas for pbr and color, Engineer Props also makes use of diffuse variants. Diffuse variants allow you to change the overall base look of the mesh. Acid eroded crates vs wear and tear scratched variants. Fabric cloth vs plastic. Clean, unidentifiable crates and containers vs decals and identifiers.


 Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace Availability


Engineer Props has recently been approved for UE4 Marketplace release. Unfortunately it seems right now that the staff is extremely busy with internal affairs, and new product releases have been delayed for quite a bit. Instead of waiting potentially months for this to be available, I've decided to put it up on Gumroad immediately for those who do not want to wait a long time.


For the first time, I will also be approving requests for UE4 marketplace launcher access for those who purchase on Gumroad and desire launcher access once it eventually gets released on the UE4 Marketplace. Here are the requirements to qualify:


  • The email you use to purchase on Gumroad must match the email used with your UE4 user account.

  • Send proof of purchase & the email addressed used when purchasing so that I can verify the details with the UE4 Marketplace staff, and you will be given access to the files from your launcher once it is made available on the Unreal Engine marketplace.


Product Details


For more information on Engineer Props, check out the product page.


Available Now On Gumroad


You can purchase it now here!


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