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Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals Released!

Greetings everyone! I am excited to announce the release of the first Materials pack in the series, Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals. This package includes an assortment of floor, wall, ceiling and trim materials that are highly customizable. Choose between the legacy masking system that has been in use since the beginning of the series, or utilize the new masking which allows developers to make their materials worn and scratched. Color customize your assets to give them a personal touch, and use extensive PBR tweaking per mask channel. Decals are also included in this pack, ranging from text, shapes, signs and more. Choose between scratched or clean variants, and tweak the colors of your decals as well. The Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals pack adds a whole new layer of detail to your levels. Breathe new life into your environments as you create pathways and directions, or label areas.

Find out how you can use the pack in conjunction with the rest of the series in the latest Collections trailer!

Check out Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals here! I hope you guys enjoy this latest addition to the collection, and want to thank you again for your tremendous support for these packs! I look forward to continuing the expansion of the Modular SciFi Series with you all!

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