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Modular SciFi: Polaris Defense




The second entry in the Modular SciFi Series' Polaris Collection. This product provides next gen, highly customizable assets perfect for creating defense storage environments. From turret defenses, stun batons and shields to grenades and ammo cartridges. Included with these weapon props is an architectural extension for the Polaris Colony, a self contained unit to house all you need for colony security. Personalize your assets through modular materials, tailoring PBR values, colors, detail normals and base textures to achieve the specific look your desire. Included are 35 meshes (22 architecture, 12 props), blueprint animated doors and decals to create a richly detailed environment. Give your project the resources to create beautiful scenes that match your game design needs!

Turret, Stun Baton and Grenade are modeled with animation in mind. Animations are not included.

Baked textures for all props included for those who wish to customize even further through Quixel or Substance. (Color ID, Normal, Object Space Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Curves)

Included are 3 example maps and 1 asset overview map.

Technical Details

  • 34 Meshes (22 architecture, 12 props)

  • 8 Materials

  • 55 Material Instances

  • 136 Textures

  • Pack assets range from 12 to 68,970 tris

  • Textures range from 64x64 to 4096x4096

4.16 - 4.25


Price - $49.99
Trailer Soon
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