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Modular SciFi: Engineer Interiors




The third entry of the Modular SciFi Series' Engineering Collection. This product provides next gen, highly customizable assets perfect for developing environments for scifi or even semi-futuristic projects set in an engineer-esque location. Included are 92 meshes, blueprint animated doors with accompanying particle effects, and decals to create a richly detailed environment. Create stunning engineer themed rooms and personalize them through a vast set of distinct materials. Customize PBR values, colors, detail normals and base textures to achieve the specific look you desire. Personalize your assets to create a scene that is unique to you and your vision.

Included are 3 example environments and 1 overview map.

Technical Details

  • 92 Meshes

  • 117 Materials (13 materials, 104 instances), 158 Textures

  • Pack assets range from 2 to 23,478 tris

  • Textures range from 64x64 to 4096x4096

4.16 - 4.25


Price - $79.99
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