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New Content Pack Release And Update!

Greetings! I'm happy to announce the release of Modular SciFi: Interiors as well as the second free expansion update for Modular SciFi: Hallways! Modular SciFi: Interiors A customizable set of modular pieces that can be used to construct a series of scifi themed interiors. There are 71 pieces which can be combined to create many layouts. Not only do you have the ability to customize the look of your interior and its layout, through material instances you can change up to 4 colors, pbr values, as well as detail normals on your meshes in order to make your scene unique and suit your purpose. Compatible with other Modular SciFi packs. Included are 3 example environments, 2 full scenes and 1 scene demonstrating the color customization. Modular SciFi Interiors fits seamlessly with the first entry in the series. Continue to expand your scifi environments with this next addition in the series! Check here for preview images and more! Modular SciFi: Hallways Update 3.0 I will be merging the props pack with Hallways, free of cost. I have reached out to Creative Market to give refunds to those who have purchased the pack separately. You may be wondering why? Modular SciFi was conceived as a series which was designed to include both architectural and props packs. However, as I continued to work on these packs it became difficult determining which props make it into an architectural pack and which ones would be placed into a props pack. To me this created an issue by limiting creative freedom on architectural packs, since ideas were split between what would fit best in which pack. So I decided to do away entirely with individual props packs, this allows me to add props uninhibited by separate packs which is good for me creatively, and also the consumer. Some of these props were designed with the Hallways pack in mind, so it made sense to include it there. As I mentioned above, people who purchased the pack via Creative Market will be given a refund. I have reached out to their team, and they have processed them already.

I hope you guys enjoy this latest addition to the Hallways pack, and want to thank you again for your tremendous support for these packs! I look forward to continuing the expansion of the Modular SciFi Series with you all!

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